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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Woodworking

How do we get started?

After contacting us, we set up an initial design meeting. In that first meeting, we will discuss:

  • Scope of work
  • Sketches, pictures, magazine images
  • Ideas for wood species and finishes
  • Model numbers of appliances that are planned for the project

After the initial meeting, we typically come up with a starting budget. The more information you can provide, the more accurate we can be with your estimate. Our project proposals include an itemized cost estimate (not necessarily a fixed, final cost).  We will propose the best materials and features for your project.


I don't have a contractor ­– do I need one to remodel my kitchen?

Possibly.  If you are planning structural changes or significant modification to your electrical, plumbing, gas, drywall, etc., then, you should probably have a contractor. We can refer you to reliable contractors that we work with regularly.


If you are just replacing cabinets and counter tops, you may not need a contractor.


Do I need a permit for my kitchen remodel?

Consult your local building department for the definitive answer. Typically, if a kitchen remodel requires modification of existing structure, electrical or plumbing, then a permit is required. Permits and inspections are required to help protect your investment as well as ensure the work is safe and compliant. We are very experienced in this process and can offer reassuring expertise. Just ask us for help.


Who will install my cabinets?

We install all our own cabinets.

Do you do "tear out"?

 Yes. We can take care of this and will donate or recycle cabinets at your request.


Can we do the tear out ourselves?

 Yes. We can advise you what needs to be done in preparation for your new cabinets.


Can I get samples of available woods and finishes?

Since everything we build is custom made, we do not keep an inventory of sample cabinets. Once we have narrowed down the species and finish, we will be more than happy to produce samples.  We will not begin the fabrication process until these samples are approved.


Are painted cabinets less expensive than wood ones?

We use the same high quality materials in our paint grade cabinets as our clear finished cabinets – and provide professional installation for both, so there is not a huge savings. In fact, a glazed finish could cost more.


Do you use particle board in your cabinets?

We use pre-finished 3/4" maple ply for all our boxes since it is a superior, lighter product to work with. If you want your cabinets to have melamine clad particle board interiors we will comply, although we will try to convince you otherwise.


When are the cabinets finished, before or after you install?

We offer both options. Each project is job specific and sometimes it is imperative that the cabinetry be installed first and then finished. Even then, we do a little of both on a project: We pre-finish doors, drawer fronts and all exposed accessories in the shop, but finish everything else on site. We bring all the components together on site to complete the project. Regardless of how the finish is applied, we assure that everything is professionally matched to the approved finish samples.


Do you do hardwood floors?

We do not install hardwood floors, but can refer you to a quality hardwood flooring company. If your woodworking project requires a hardwood staircase, then we can build it. Plus, flooring contractors routinely hire us to install treads for them.


Do I need a finish carpenter to do my trim around my kitchen windows and doors?

We are a one-stop woodworking company with the skills necessary to complete your project from start to finish.